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Aimless Escape is a non-Euclidian horror prototype where player explores a spooky house where no matter where you go, you always return back to the same spot.  Collect shards of what appears to be a mysterious medallion to open the only door in the house. But beware, the longer you take to collect the shards, the less sane you become. Can you escape the house before it eats away your sanity?

Credit: (P - Programmer & A - Artist)

  • (P) Manny Fluss - Wrap-Around System
  • (P) Neo Zhang - Project Management | Map Design | Object Spawn & Animation
  • (A) Allan Moua - Environment Assets and Texture | Sound Design
  • (P) Salil Tantamjarik - 8-Directional Player Movement
  • (P) Kofi Quansah - Countdown Timer | Object Collection
  • (P) Naomi Fonken - Environmental Lighting | Sound Code
  • (P) Julie Khou - Death Condition, Win Condition | In-Game UI,
  • (A) Emery Plyler - Environment Assets

Creator Profiles


AimlessEscape Windows.zip 104 MB
AimlessEscape Mac.app.zip 113 MB

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